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Cook Self Service


An idea ?
A new project ?

“I have a personal project”
“I am asked for
solving a problematic”
“Our web agency need a prototype
for answering a work opportunity”

Need for a custom-design ?

“I can’t find any application fitting my needs”

Developers are busy ?

“It was for yesterday”

... or too expensive ?

“I want to earn money with this project”

Do you know the project structure ?

Transform your idea into a structure of datas

  • Types of expected fields
  • Links between tables
  • Unicity / Indexes

Lazy of coding scaffoldings ?

Writing the structure of
a component is :

  • A lot of work
  • Long & Boring
  • Repetitive
  • Acurate and strict
“It can often represent up to 90% of work”

Generate the whole scaffolding

And concentrate only on creativity

Use the builder to
create as much
views as you want

Integrate any feature you want
from the Joomla! abilities

You did right choosing Joomla!

“I want a component conform to
the Joomla! conventions and standards”

Get started in 15 minutes

Your first “Hello World”

Easy learning curve
Fast design

Build a full prototype in
only one day

All in one

  • Lists / Forms / Filters
  • Toolbars / Tasks in list
  • Front & Back-end
  • Menus / Control panel
  • Security / ACL
  • and much more...

Shipped in a packaged
installable component

Firsts steps with Joomla ?

“I have never build any
extension for Joomla!”
“Do I need any
knowledge base ?”

Learn Joomla!

We provides you a clean
and consistent base.

You can then start your customs
even without Joomla! knowledge.

  • Find your answers on the support forum
  • Check the demo component
  • Read the documentation

Outstanding Builder

Full Ajax interface
Drag & Drop

Sandbox for
Free Trial & Tests


  • Designer
  • Diagram
  • Datasets manager


  • Models automations (wizards)
  • Tables relations (FK, N:1, N:m)


  • Compose freely your pages

Extend or modify a previous project

Don’t be limited to your first foundations

Re-generate and Migrate easily

Thanks to the fork system, build again and keep your customs

Use a spacebar or arrow keys to navigate