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TOPIC: Sandbox 3.9 / Roadmap to 4.0

Sandbox 3.9 / Roadmap to 4.0 30 Mar 2022 21:27 #15936

  • gremonasplet
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rnevins thank you for the tip... I will try it...

Yes I know for the overides (placing the template files that need to be customized in the templates/my-template/html directory) and have tried that and this is working.

rnevins in J-Cook you can have more views for the same table...Do you have a workaround for that in a component creator?
I would like to know more of your tips workarounds for CC :)

My coding skils are limited but with J-Cook I have done some very useful components that I don't know how to do it in CC...
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Sandbox 3.9 / Roadmap to 4.0 01 Apr 2022 19:36 #15937

  • Maheto
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Hi Jocelyn & J-Cook community.
I am the quiet, fifth life member of J-Cook, who uses the platform both personally and professionally.
I would like to propose to you Jocelyn (and the community), if there is not an interested buyer for J-Cook pro, would you consider donating it to Joomla! itself?
If Joomla! was to embrace J-Cook and maintain it through it’s volunteer network, it could become part of the native Joomla! installation.
Consider this, as J-Cook pro is a component, imagine using it inside Joomla!!!
In the J-Cook road-map, one of the concepts that was proposed was the ability to connect other Joomla! components to J-Cook projects.
How good would that be??
So if J-Cook was native to Joomla!, in theory you could directly connect components that you have installed on your site, straight into J-Cook.
I love using Joomla! and J-Cook, combining these two powerful platforms would be a game changer.
Just putting it out there. B)
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Sandbox 3.9 / Roadmap to 4.0 02 Apr 2022 02:36 #15938

  • jonathanbell
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What a great idea.
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Sandbox 3.9 / Roadmap to 4.0 06 May 2022 00:56 #15939

  • Dobinsons
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I think this is a great idea too !!
I use J-Cook for work and I have created some mega components, but the thought of telling the boss 'hey we have to rebuild all of our components from scratch', is definitely not something I am looking forward to.
A native component builder is something Joomla! is badly missing, currently there are no key differentiators to help Joomla! regain market share lost to other CMSs, this could be the standout feature that changes that point of view.
With Joomla!s lack of backwards compatibility, there is less incentive for new users to adopt Joomla! or seasoned users to continue using Joomla!, when they have to rebuild their websites every time there is a major update.
Yes you can upgrade through the normal process for small websites, but for large websites, it is not cost effective to continue rebuilding websites every 5 years.
With a native component builder, this transition between major versions would be much less daunting, and if maintained by Joomla!, it would be ready to go at the same time a major update is released.
My vote is with Maheto, if there is not a commercial buyer for J-Cook, please consider donating J-Cook to Joomla! ;)
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