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TOPIC: [FAQ] What can I get for a subscription

What can I get for a subscription 09 Jul 2016 18:56 #14199

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hello admin i want to purchase cook i found cheapest 48euro membership. can you tell me what i will get. will i get all for 3 months and i create and download component. also please tell me that do you have any video tutorials available. i am in hurry so plz tell me as soon as possible. i used component creator its good but some things are missing.

What i want to do with this tool i want to create attendance system. i want to create tables classes , students. then on attendance table i want a filter of class so when choose class students of that class cames in list and then i can choose present / absent from check box or toggle. also i want to get attendance report for each student also date will be a field and filter.
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What can I get for a subscription 12 Jul 2016 10:21 #14208

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With cook, you can create ANY application you want because it can handle all the basics of database applications.
But of course, it do not have any artificial intelligence, so all your specific calculations and customs designs are up to you.

Sometimes, you will need to create special filters, special default values, special SQL requests, and of course the templates.
Cook can handle N:1 and N:m, wich give a lot of possibilities.

First you need to design your program into a database model, to know how the datas will be stored. That's the only requirement you need to start.
For instance, in your case, the presence/absence will be stored in a dedicated table, filtered by date of the day, or by hour. and linked with a FK to the student.

The checkbox toggle as you want it, will be one of the customs because our checkbox is available only for a boolean value. In your case, it would create an item entry when it is checked.
To do that you need a little bit of knowledge. I give you some idea :

Your main table is called 'Presence' and represent a N:m link between student and a datetime range. Or it can be simple N:1 if the datetime is stored in DATE field.
In the builder, create a list view (grid) based on the 'Presence' list view.

Transform this grid (manualy) into a calendar page template (not available yet), only the datetime calendar picker is furnished.
Filter this calendar by student.
From this calendar page, click on the day, or on the desired hour, it will open a form (NEW ITEM) which has already received the student (filter), and the date/time (the clicked box).
From this form, when you save, you have created the presence.
Now if you want a checkbox, you simply need to call the save() function from this checkbox, and NOT from the save button of the toolbar.
When you uncheck the checkbox, it will call the delete() function (instead of the delete button of the toolbar)
Everything is ready, all you have to do is a good database design, and some templating.

This is one example of custom. It is not so easy if you don't know Joomla, but when you are experienced whith Joomla, you can do it in few hours. Wich is really easy at the end, because Cook provides you all the tools, the models, the controllers, the filters, the ACL, and so...

In some words, Cook furnishes you the basement, and then all the creative part is for you. The most boring work is to write all the scaffoldings of your app because it is a long work that does nothing specific. Just the basic CRUD of the database. Wich is already a lot.

I recommend you to use the fork system. It is a manner to put your code in special files, so you can download new fresh downloaded versions of your component, and reinstall on top of your component. All your customs will be kept. This is an example of feature that our concurrent do not propose.

Also I recommend you to try an exemple of forked component : www.j-cook.pro/index.php/docs/demo
You can download it here : www.j-cook.pro/index.php/docs/samples

In this sample, if you delete / or rename the 'fork' folder (both site and admin), you will see the component BEFORE the custom.

About the subscription, take your time we do not push you to buy until your component is designed. Play for free with the sandbox, fill it with your datas, because you will be able to include all your dataset and files INSIDE the dowloaded package. Then you can install it locally and you continue to work with your current dataset.

You are free to do what you want with your creation and you do not need to keep your suscription alive for the distribution and use of your component.
We keep hosted your projects, files and datasets for a period of 300 days after the last subscription ending.

If you have more questions don't hesitate to ask on the forum, but if you need specific help for coding, you can also hire a developer (or me as well) here :

Thank you for joining the community.
Kind Regards,
Coding is now a piece of cake
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