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TOPIC: Builder questions

Builder questions 02 Jun 2013 11:24 #7276

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Well done on moving to J3, and the whole new appearance. Your hard work is really appreciated. Up until now I really didnt care for J3, but as soon as J3.1 came about with most of the bugfixes and new features, I moved straight to it.

I have some random questions

1) Will it ever be possible to have a localised version of the builder or one for use on a personal dev server, still online for DRM and IP protection purposes of course, but running locally. As you will know from my account, I have a huge project going on which causes me nothing but grief.. i have not been able to even start a download on that project in the new .net builder.

2) If 1. is not possible, how would be be possible to improve performance on an account? Paying extra is fine. Even though I am very unlikely to ever engage in a project this big again, it would be nice to know that the option is there.

3) As you have already written an export task (in the tutorial) can this be implmented as a task in the builder?

4) Was it not mentioned that you were building a filter for select boxes based on a value, or did I misunderstand? I would like to narrow (for examples) contacts down by type, and it would be wonderful to be able to reuse a table in a dropdown and filter by contact_type (on of the fields)

5) Is it possible (for future version) to have next to a select box a (NEW) button which opens an iframe and allows you to create a new foreign item to be added to the dropdown without leaving the master form.

6) Not tried it, but are the J3 downloaded components compatible with J2.5?
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Re: Builder questions 03 Jun 2013 14:20 #7298

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1.) It is not in prevision for many reasons. Cook is composed by thousands of files and is very complex.
To my point of view still not clean enough to be presented. Maybe one day open, when the warrior will take its rest.

2.) I hope too, increase the performance of my VPS with the new prices I applied. It will be better for everybody. I cannot estimate the answer responses improvements but something will be there.
I receive alerts sometimes.

3.) New features AFTER the stability of 2.5. Easy features to design with the new framework.

4.) Filters has been improved because we can now really group the filters with multi formats. It is long to explain. And nothing exciting because it seems normal feature. The previous version was not working correctly.
But, 2.5 still not deal with N-M. To come as soon as possible.
So, there are no possibilities to filter with multi checkboxes.

I know it seems basic features, but for fitting all cases, it is amazing job and the devs seems slow.

5.) I would love to have it also. It is on the list. Not for priority unfortunatly

6.) Finally a good news : YES. Cross compatibility.
You do not need to specify the version for wich Joomla version you want. One for all. (1.6 - 1.7 - 2.5 - 3.0)
Coding is now a piece of cake
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