V3 - Less is More

Less is More

Since Joomla! 2.5 is not supported anymore, we recommend all users to migrate your old websites if you still use a unsupported version of Joomla!

Cook Self Service is following the evolution of Joomla! and proposing you more and more features for LESS code in you creations.
Implementing the B/C layer was heavy, redondant and not able to implement all the recent features of your favorite CMS.

The version 3 will be released step by steps in successive sub-versions along the complete cleaning.

Achieved Versions steps

  • Removed legacy/ (whole folder)
  • Removed helpers/mvc.php
  • Removed DS constants.
  • Removed qn() function
  • HTML Templates skeleton 100% rewritten.
  • Page title and browser title rewritten.
  • Removed JVersion calls
  • ORM System
  • Foreign Lists much simplified with the 'Model' field type

V3.x - Roadmap features

  • Relations are using a 'Relation' field type
  • New ajax layer, remplacing JDom ajax.
  • Ajax fields defined only in XML. (Much improved, all brand new)
  • Filters. XML declarations are in separated dedicated file. (Accept Ajax)
  • Simplified populateState()
  • Form fieldsets rendering improved, using layouts
  • More simple component loader for third parts, sliced projects, modules...
  • Using media folder for assets (js/css/images)
  • cid[] replacement by 'id' in url and objects

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