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  • This Component Generator is the REAL component generator. This tool is very easy to use and in a matter of minutes I was building a fully working extension. I was amazed with the end result... worth every cent...
    Griiettner (JED)


  • I've evaluated lots of other Joomla Component Dev tools such as Shell Manager, (J)enesis, Danny's Joomla! 1.5 MVC Component Code Generator, Marco's Component Maker and I must admit that I love what I see on your site! Lots of potential... Otherwise, Great Job and keep up the good work!!!
    Clifton (forum)

  • Freakin' Awesome!!! J-Cook is simply awesome - whether you're a highly experienced developer or complete novice, whether you're building a small inventory component or a complete community solution! The beauty comes from a fast, slick and reliable platform that readily provides developers with everything they'll need to build the backbone of a solid and secure component with wizards for authoring, access, publishing, aliasing, created/modified by dates... you name it, COOK provides it! J-Cook really surpasses all of the 'competition' as far as MVC tools are concerned! Try, love it and get cooking!
    learnthrusong (JED)

  • The j-cook project is one of the best of its kind and it is nice that we all try to contribute in little ways to make life easy for each other.

    vlemos (Forum)  

  • This is what you call a component builder. I was able to master using this, in a very short time and the resulting component works like a charm. Not just a basic component builder, but a fully working component builder with forms, fields, tables all ready to go. You can make the list and item views to display in the front and back end. Also there is a great forum just starting to evolve and I'm sure this will grow very rapidly when you all realise how good this tool is.
    Kevin (JED)


  • First let me congratulate you on an excellent/outstanding product. Just tried for one hour but was very impressed.
    Marret (Forum)

  • Dear Cook Team, Firstly, a massive thank you for your wonderful service!
    audibleid (Forum)  

  • In the begining i would like to say that j-cook is absolutly fantastic tool! And the person who created it is a genius.
    Czyżak (Forum)
  •   Joomla Developpers won't be able to live without J-Cook's Component Creator! Check it out - it'll save you a heap of time coding so you can concentrate on the creative part of developing!

  • I have to say, your builder is great! We use for another project, in a week we have the system built. For the J!Boleto, I convert to j3 in 2 weeks :)
    Luiz Felipe Weber 

  •   I want to save the world...... let's cook a solution about it.
    VeCrea (Forum)

  • Great UX, great performance and definitely a time saver. It only took me 10 minutes of playing around before purchasing a subscription and right now I just want to throw more money at you! I just started a new project, and after just 4h I can already tell it probably saved me several days of work. I'm building a wholesale ordering system with sales rep management. I have not looked at the code yet, but so far: impressive.
    flip (Forum)
  • First of all... I have to congratulate you guys for the awesome tool... I came here only to see what this thing was up to, and I have to tell that I'm very impressed with what this tool can do. French guys are making a revolution on Joomla... first with Seblod and now Cook...
    Griiettner (forum)

  • Your client support is really awesome + rich and powerfull software.
    foo42 (Forum)

  • Je suis vraiment impressionné par la puissance de COOK et encore plus admiratif de ton travail. A ce jour, je crois que c'est ce que j'ai vu de plus abouti dans le domaine de la conception d'extension pour Joomla!
    felichon (Forum)
  • Hi All, just wanted to add one more "thank you" voice to all those who discovered the value of this amazing application. The website I was working on went to production few days ago and I do not want to even try to imagine what would it take to build it without j-cook. So - endless thanks, keep it running and evolving, I believe it deserves to be the core tool for any joomla application! Thanks!
    Michael (bmk028 - Forum)  

  • The j-cook project is indeed one of the best tools I've run across for building Joomla components and the beta version should make things even better!

    dyoungers (Forum)  

  • I jumped and started to work on a demo component... but 2 days later, this demo component, became the real component. I just showed, today, the end result to my customer and he turned to me and said... "this is more than I expected"... All of this, is because Cook did cut about 70% of my work and provided me more ways to improve the usability of the component. The end result was 17 tables all related between than, to generate a full dashboard for the travel agents. Thanks for Cook developers for such great tool. This component would not be possible to be done at short time with all the features in it
    Griiettner (Forum)  

  •   I am so, so, so looking forward to see how far this can go. Seems like the skies the limit at the moment.
    Kevin (Forum) 

  • Les générateurs de code, je les connais presque tous, pour les avoir essorés en long, en large et en travers ... mais celui ci, c'est vraiment un outil formidable de simplicité et d'efficacité !
    Marc. (liubov - Forum)

  • I must say that I'm leaps and bounds ahead of where I would have other been with J2.5 with full thanks to the folks on this forum, and specifically to Cook, so you'll never hear me complaining.
    gdpodesta (Forum)  

  • WOW.. WOW... WOW... This is awesome... in less than 3 hours of work I have my application done... this is simply the best tool I ever tried to generate Joomla Components... Thank you very much for this tool and your answer.. it helped me a lot... My friends here in Brazil are going nuts with this...
    Griiettner (Forum)

  • Hi guys, Before I ask for help, just like to say I tried the tutorials on how to make a 2.5 component, WOW.... HECTIC!! J-Cook is really amazing in its simplicity!!
    Dorac (Forum)  

  • This is really a brilliant service. I'm sure it will become very popular and bring you a lot of well deserved success. Congratulation !
    Scott (scott717 - Forum)
  • A HUGE thank you for all the time and effort you have put into J-Cook, it is a timesaver, and a training tool all in one
    Morgan Leecy - MCSE  

  • Real time saver and great Component Builder tool ! I have been developing with J-Cook Pro Component Builder for several months now and can say with all honesty that this product/service is second to none. The product is feature rich and is being improved and added to all the time. Do yourself a favor, if you need to build a Joomla! Component then you can do no wrong in trying the product. You will save on time and effort while being able to deliver your project on time. J-Cook pro does the hard work for you, you then have the freedom to fully customise the end result for your own needs. 

    One word: Awesome.
    Edwardcox (JED)

  • Hi, first of all I'd like to say that J-Cook is a great tool - the best component builder I tried so far...
    Rymedia - Jonas 

  • let me say what a brilliant app! Thank you very very much for all the hard work to build Cook!
    Tocpe (Forum)
  • Just wanted to congratulate you on the J-Cook website / web development tool. In a couple of visits I've had a play around with Cook and have to say I think it is fantastic.  I've played with a number of component builders in the past and yours is certainly looking like the best so far. I'd also like to help you spread the word - I'm really surprised more people aren't excited about this tool. Good luck with the project.

  • Let me first state that this is an amazing and fascinating product, exactly what I was looking for. In just a few hours (listening to the very well made and clearly understandable videos, learning, doing) I completed and installed my first component. I am now in the second refining phase. I will make a recommenation in JED. Thanks for the effort in creating such a great product. Incidentally some of the best Joomla extension I use are of French origin !
    Giori (Forum)

  • Love COOKING with COOK, It has all the ingredients for a delicious Joomla component!
    audibleid (Forum)
  • For starters, it's just so easy to design an app in a way that I'm used to, i.e. database first, then views, followed by customization. The fork system is pure brilliance from a developer standpoint as I can override things and still add and update my projects with minimal effort! Truly amazing to be able to build components in Joomla using incremental refinement without having to do everything by hand. Thanks for the great tool! I am so much more productive now than ever and I can't imagine building components any other way!!!!
    Dave (Forum)  

  • Awards for the best Joomla app. This product is gonna win an award for this amazing job. Cook Self Service is the the best application from all over the Joomla universe ! It brings Joomla to a professional level, really advanced for developers. It is a real fun to develop with it. The ACL part and security checks implementation are just... so much hours saved. I can now concentrate myself more on the design part and the creative works. Thank you so much. Guys, I offer you all my congratulation ! Keep up the works because Joomla is needing it to increase the quality of extensions availables on the JED. I also learned a lot because I can see how to code at the proper place, and I found all my answers reading the forum.
    lack_hanson (JED)

  • Amazing Tool !
    And only tool I know that allows complete Scaffolding in terms of component creation. It really saves loads of time (actually much more than that). Simple architecture enables quick and painless changes at any time. Code is clean and consintent. It's just... what's the word... neat! :) Great work! You should definetely try this one!

    pi_wo (JED)

  •   Excellent Tool ! This tool will save you a lot of time writing the same old structure. I've used others but this is really nice for a quick start. Makes a 3 hour task a 15 minute one. Thanks for this extension
    dickrundell (JED)

  • I have been using Cook for only a day now and it is the next best thing to Jagermeister. It is very easy to use and I see some of the greatest Joomla Components ever! coming from Cook users.
    Naude (Forum)
  • I would like to Thank you for the Speed and the Quality of your work.
    Pantelis (Forum)

  •   Merci d'avoir présenté ce service web, générateur de composant joomla. L'interface est très conviviale, on a le plaisir du drag&drop et c'est assez rare pour être signalé. Je souhaite que ce projet connaisse un fort succès, votre réalisation est méritante.
    Yann Gomiero (AFUJ - France)

  • I still don't believe he can really be human to do all this ! From all of the forums that I've ever participated in, this is certainly the one that most encapsulates the feeling of being truly open source where everyone's opinions and contributions can and will shape the development of the service! It's truly awesome! Hope you enjoy cooking and look forward to reading and contributing to any of the editorial work that you proposed too!! Thanks
    Gez (audibleid - JED)
  • I'm playing around with the new mvc and the FORK feature is FANTASTIC!!! it's saving me a lot of time! you are doing a very good job!!

    Tomaselli (Forum)  

  • Really great Joomla tool Cook is a great piece of kit for creating Joomla components. It uses a drag-n-drop interface to build tables and fully featured pages. You can test your component in a sandbox before downloading it packaged up ready to install. The developer is responsive on the support forum.
    Twev (JED)

  •   I found "cook" two days ago. Played around with it for a day and then within a day got rid of two legacy applications in IBM Lotus Domino Notes and replaced them with "cook". It was really easy. A piece of cake. Actually it was even easier than cooking. Cooking involves more work than developing with "cook". What can I say about "cook"? Great application, great price for what it delivers, great forum with a lot of information and fast responses, active and friendly community, fast forward moving development cycle, So, what should I say, "Monsieur Le Cook"? Keep the good work going, it will lead to success. Having become a paying member, in the words of Edith Piaf, may I say, ..... non, rien de rien ... je ne regrette rien. Vive La France.
    FK (JED)

  • Although I found this tool some time ago, I just started learning, experimenting and building this first component on Monday and now on Thursday afternoon it's already online. Although I already had a working version done with another tool, this is much easier to build and at the end you have the freedom to own your own component. Once you know how to use Cook you will boost your productivity as the learning curve is really moderate compared to many other tools.
    Giori (Forum)

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