3.1.9 - Menu Helper

Menu Helper

New Feature : Menu helper

The menus are now configurated in the menu.xml file (forkable)
JDom Cpanel is not used anymore for the control panel

3.1.8 - Modal pickers

Modal PickersNew Feature : Modal Pickers in forms

For any 1:n relation (simple Foreign Key), you can now choose a modal picker instead of the classic combo list.

From the builder, change the control of the field simply by clicking on the side buttons :

Form Modal Picker

3.1.7 - New Calendar

Calendar Field

New feature : Implements the new Joomla calendar in the fields

3.1.6 - Tabs & Accordions

Tabs & Accordions

New Feature : Organise the Forms and Flys fieldsets into tabs or accordions

How to do :

  1. Divide your Forms of Fly fieldsets into differents bricks
  2. For every brick you want to set as a tab, open the properties and choose "Tab it" or "Accordion it"

3.1.5 - Multi Tunnels

New Feature : Multi-tunnels

This new version breaks a limit with cross-reference database links (for N:1 and N:m)

When a Cross-reference link is refered through multiple different Foreign Keys, the builder was previously not able to instance them. Only the first link was usable.

It is a bit complex to understand... For instance let's call a N:1 relation 'tunnel'. From both sides of the relation the tables are the same, but the local key of the context table changes. It uses different roads, different tunnels.


Since 3.1.5, your component is able to create distinct roads (or tunnels) to load the relations. As always, it is unlimited.

Expected result for this example : From Cities, you can list all "Travellers" and all "Guides"

It works also for N:m relations.

New Feature : Date formating from lists

Date formating is now available in combos. If you instance a Foreign Key (1:n) in a form, and choose a date/time field as label key, the date is now formated correctly, reusing the date format you have configured in the field. You can always change this date/time format in the XML declaration of the combo field.

List Date Formating


Search Plugin

New Feature : Search Plugin

Introduction of the search plugin for Joomla.
At install, the plugin will automatically be installed in the 'search' plugin folder and will be enabled automatically.
You can now use the Joomla search module to find your component datas.


In the component config, simply define "Include Search Plugin" to "Yes"
Search Plugin Config Component
Only the tables with a front-end search filter will be considered as "searchable".

Improved ORM

  • Search: default logic : ‘OR'
  • Select: Use '.' for tableless based namespace
  • SQL concat() function

Improved model

  • LIST : getRoute() for getting item URL
  • Debug state for dumping the query : 'debug.query'


  • Logout problem in sandbox fixed

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