3.1.5 - Multi Tunnels

New Feature : Multi-tunnels

This new version breaks a limit with cross-reference database links (for N:1 and N:m)

When a Cross-reference link is refered through multiple different Foreign Keys, the builder was previously not able to instance them. Only the first link was usable.

It is a bit complex to understand... For instance let's call a N:1 relation 'tunnel'. From both sides of the relation the tables are the same, but the local key of the context table changes. It uses different roads, different tunnels.


Since 3.1.5, your component is able to create distinct roads (or tunnels) to load the relations. As always, it is unlimited.

Expected result for this example : From Cities, you can list all "Travellers" and all "Guides"

It works also for N:m relations.

New Feature : Date formating from lists

Date formating is now available in combos. If you instance a Foreign Key (1:n) in a form, and choose a date/time field as label key, the date is now formated correctly, reusing the date format you have configured in the field. You can always change this date/time format in the XML declaration of the combo field.

List Date Formating

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