Bug Tracker New feature : Automatic tracker for PHP errors.

Cook Self Service is watching carefully if everything goes well with your creations. Every fatal error will be reported automatically to the developer in order to serve you the best as possible.
Whatever if the blocking error happens in the builder or in the sandboxes, you don't need anymore to report them because we receive instantaneous alerts.
We also catch all the warnings, and notices, but only the fatal errors will send us an URGENT alert notification.

This feature is only present in our website. Once you have downloaded your component, we will not be noticed of your errors because your component is NOT calling back to j-cook.pro.


Google Maps New feature: Google Maps plugin

With JDom (v2.6.18), You can now easily instance a Google Map, and even a dynamic map in your components.
For the moment, you have to code manually, but the code is deadly simple.

“ It has never been so easy
instance a Google Map

You can create many types of maps :

  • Basic maps + all possible parameters
  • Styled Maps
  • Markers + automatic bounds fit
  • Info boxes
  • Custom the markers icons
  • Geocoding (Map + Markers)
  • Directions API
  • Static Maps (Simples images)

Check the demo and learn to instance a map:

FIX for Images : Changed the thumb prefix ( . > _ )
It was not so practical to use hidden files (point prefix) for the thumbs, so we decided to change for an underscore prefix.
Some server configuration do not allow to access to hidden files (and that's the best configuration to have)
You can now delete all the hidden files thumbs from your images folders. They will not be used anymore.
All thumbs will be created again automatically.


JImage Rewriten

Code improvement : Images, Files and Upload Classes

The php classes managing the files has been entirely rewritten.
It is now clean and consistent !
Now, only one helper file is handling all the work for upload, thumbs, :
HelperFile : (helpers/file.php)

The following files has been removed :

Has been renamed in a helper, because it is a static class, so its place is in the helpers.

Has been merged inside HelperFile. It still does the same job with few improvements at the level of the caller.

Has been totally removed and the work is left to the JImage native class of Joomla!
We don't need anymore with the actual version of Joomla!

Has been removed because it was an empty class file.

A new important function appeared in the item controller: updateFileField()
It manages the uploader call, manages the file / thumbs deletions and update the image value field in the database in only one static call.

In case you have forked and called one of those classes on your forks, you need to update your code !

Make a search in your forks about thoses classes :

  • [Xxxx]ClassFile
  • [Xxxx]ClassFileUpload
  • [Xxxx]ClassImage
  • [Xxxx]Images

Entry point




$model->_upload('photo', array(
'image/bmp' => 'bmp',
'image/gif' => 'gif',
'image/jpeg' => 'jpg,jpeg',
'image/png' => 'png')
, array(
'rename' => '{ALIAS}.{MIMEXT}'


self::updateFileField($model, 'photo', array(

'rename' => '{ALIAS}.{MIMEXT}'


New feature : Sandbox 3.5
Your components has always has been supported by Joomla! 3.5, but the sandbox was not available because for every new version, we need to prepare the sandbox with a lot of hacks inside.
Did you realized that we propose you a Super Admin account ? That's the main thing. It is not easy, and it requires a good knowledge of Joomla! for this challenge.
On top of that, there is only ONE sandbox for everybody.
Cook Self Service is coming with a totally new sandbox engine with manages the sandboxes in a new way.

In future, the sandboxes will always be up to date in a very short time, which is also better for us for obvious security reasons.

Note : By the way, since few months, the sandboxes was not flushed, but now we will flush them again everyday around 0:00 UTC.
So if your project has disappeared, this is normal, you simply need to regenerate your project.
At the moment of the flush, we are making backups of all your datasets in use.

Sandbox 3.5

Fixes :

  • Grid Groups Fix.
  • Separated contexts for the filters fix
  • Separated contexts for the pagination fix
  • Removed the ’numeric’ validator for state field


New feature: Pick default value.
When you are using the "Defaulting" wizard, you can set up a particular row to be set as "default".
Since this new step version, the defaulted item will select automatically in the form when a Foreign Key is pointing to that table.

It seems like more a fix because the "default" feature exists still the beginning of Cook Self Service, but it has never been took in consideration for preparing a Foreign Key combo in a form.
Enjoy it.


Affiliate Program

In this new version, we propose you some awards for your help promoting Cook Self Service.
Read more : Affiliate Program (Get paid with Cook)

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