Google Maps New feature: Google Maps plugin

With JDom (v2.6.18), You can now easily instance a Google Map, and even a dynamic map in your components.
For the moment, you have to code manually, but the code is deadly simple.

“ It has never been so easy
instance a Google Map

You can create many types of maps :

  • Basic maps + all possible parameters
  • Styled Maps
  • Markers + automatic bounds fit
  • Info boxes
  • Custom the markers icons
  • Geocoding (Map + Markers)
  • Directions API
  • Static Maps (Simples images)

Check the demo and learn to instance a map:

FIX for Images : Changed the thumb prefix ( . > _ )
It was not so practical to use hidden files (point prefix) for the thumbs, so we decided to change for an underscore prefix.
Some server configuration do not allow to access to hidden files (and that's the best configuration to have)
You can now delete all the hidden files thumbs from your images folders. They will not be used anymore.
All thumbs will be created again automatically.

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