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As we have always appreciated all of your comments and feedbacks. We are infinitely grateful so we have decided to reward the most honorable users of the community. You desserve it.

The new opportunity with Cook Self Service is a winning-winning partnership. With sponsored links you can now spread the voice on your social networks and get an amazing return.
Life accounts will receive direct commissions for every sale. Instead normal accounts will be extended or renewed when expired.

This way, if you are a good promotor, you even no need to pay anymore to access Cook Self Service.
For every purchase of your customers, we will notice you by email for downloading your last creations.

How it works

Spread the voice
Share Referral Link
Share your referral link* on your networks. Facebook, Twitter, put a partner banner on your website… where you think the best or the most visible with an attractive feedback or comment. You can also create a « tiny link », very common when you post on twitter...

* Your referral link is furnished in your affiliation dashboard.

Register Affiliated Users
Every user you have invited who register on our website, becomes your affiliated user forever.
Purchase Account
The user buy its
FIRST subscription.
The reward is maximum
for bringing a new client
The user RENEW
its account.
Less reward for
a returning client.
Incrementation of your total bonus points.
The earned points are depending of
the pack sold and depending
if the user is new or renewing its account.

You loose 5 points of bonus every year.

See the table of remuneration at the end of this page.

If you have a normal account, your subscription is extended in time or reactivated for a period corresponding to the amount of your bonus converted in days.

You get notified by email.

If you own a LIFE account,
you get paid on your paypal account.



You can join our referral program only if you have purchased at least one subscription.

Normal accountBonus

Table of bonus points

Life accountCommissions

Table of commissions
Pack First subscription Renew
3 months 1
6 months 2 1
12 months 4 2
18 months 6 3
Life Account 10 10
Pack First subscription Renew
3 months 3.00 1.00
6 months 6.00 2.00
12 months 12.00 5.00
18 months 18.00 10.00
Life Account 40.00 40.00

Special Thanks

We would like also to add a special thanks to the very active members of the forum :

JoomGuy - VeCrea - MorganL - BTB300 - Romkabouter - vlemos - Tomaselli - liubov - dyvel - jonathanbell - organicwebs - etc - edwardcox - jcbenton - dyoungers


Note for the concerned users: Please fill your website URL (in the forum profile) if you want a backlink here.

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