New feature : Sandbox 3.5
Your components has always has been supported by Joomla! 3.5, but the sandbox was not available because for every new version, we need to prepare the sandbox with a lot of hacks inside.
Did you realized that we propose you a Super Admin account ? That's the main thing. It is not easy, and it requires a good knowledge of Joomla! for this challenge.
On top of that, there is only ONE sandbox for everybody.
Cook Self Service is coming with a totally new sandbox engine with manages the sandboxes in a new way.

In future, the sandboxes will always be up to date in a very short time, which is also better for us for obvious security reasons.

Note : By the way, since few months, the sandboxes was not flushed, but now we will flush them again everyday around 0:00 UTC.
So if your project has disappeared, this is normal, you simply need to regenerate your project.
At the moment of the flush, we are making backups of all your datasets in use.

Sandbox 3.5

Fixes :

  • Grid Groups Fix.
  • Separated contexts for the filters fix
  • Separated contexts for the pagination fix
  • Removed the ’numeric’ validator for state field


New feature: Pick default value.
When you are using the "Defaulting" wizard, you can set up a particular row to be set as "default".
Since this new step version, the defaulted item will select automatically in the form when a Foreign Key is pointing to that table.

It seems like more a fix because the "default" feature exists still the beginning of Cook Self Service, but it has never been took in consideration for preparing a Foreign Key combo in a form.
Enjoy it.


Affiliate Program

In this new version, we propose you some awards for your help promoting Cook Self Service.
Read more : Affiliate Program (Get paid with Cook)


Database feature : INDEX field.Database Index Field

In order to optimise your queries, you can set some important fields as index. It means that they will be stored in an index table for searching faster on it.
For instance, if you store a list of products codes, define the code field as INDEX it will be faster to search on it.
An index field becomes automatically unique


New Feature :
Wizard : Unique Groups
Wizard Unique Groups

Define a set of fields to be unique between themselves.


New feature : Added menu filters for better SEOMenu Filters
  • Boolean filter
  • State filter
  • Date filter
  • Time Filter
  • Range Filter (Integer / Date / Time / Datetime)

Important fix : Javascript validator works now with chosen (Thanks to Romkabouter)

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