New Feature : Modal Size

You can now directly choose the size of the modal popup.
In the builder, in the link behaviour tab,
Choose the target : Modal, then you can define a size for it.

Modal Size


Relations N:m & N:1image xref

A nice step has been achieved in this version.
You can finaly have access to this awesome feature.

Relations allows you to load cross reference lists : Many to Many, or Many to One.
The forms allows you to set up those relations easily with a multiple selection input.

Learn more : Relations



New feature : Pure FOF
You can now choose the build your component for FOF without any Cook Self Service proposals. Features are limited, but at least it avoid any herectic exotic customs.
This is the option to choose for testing FOF and starting playing with.
You can find this option in the 'FOF' advanced options of your component.



FOF 3.0 (experimental):

Available option for building your components for Framework On Framework.
This feature is for discovering the tool and learning FOF 3.0
See more here : Framework-On-Framework

Dataset Manager

Introduction of a visualizer to see your datasets snapshots.Dataset Manager The manager allows you to delete the snapshots.

When you choose a sandbox with empty dataset, the manager import the last dataset snapshot, whatever the version, and copy it to the selected empty sandbox.

2.7.1 (beta)

Improvements : Table files simplified and unified. Toggle function improved. (Now using the save() common function of the model)

Fixed ticket : The modified date and modified fields updated on 'toggle' (10885)


This new version is a core rewrite. It took 10 months to achieve it.

Basicaly, the javascript front interface (Builder) is now coded on a stable framework. I would have loved to use AngularJS for it, but finally I chosen to improve my own framework wich is good enough. It will not be reused for any other project because the idea is to work with AngularJS (or Ember) in future.

Ergonomy : The builder is now faster than ever. Try it and share your user experience reviews

New feature : Clone your projects

New feature : addGroupBy() is now available for using the native GROUP BY sql statement.
Note: in the past, addGroupBy() was used for primary order, and now called addGroupOrder()

New feature : Auto-complete the subnode field when dragging a FK node in forms or filters

Removed feature : custom regex
It is not anymore possible to create custom regular expressions in the builder. For the moment there is no other alternative than coding them manually. In future I will find a way to propose this feature again.
If you have a good generic regex to propose, submit it on the forum and I will study each case and add them to the proposed list.
The reason for this removal is for security.

Important security fix : LFI in classes/file/file.php

Fixed tickets :

  • Brick alias messed with brick label (10883)
  • Field alias convention : refuse number for first char (10884)
  • Unique key statement. Handle the maximum length (1080110614)
  • "Row count not match". Error still can raise, but for other reason. The datas are now mor consistent (10318)
  • Field names conventions (1089710884)
  • Cleaning notices (10895)
  • Controller issue (10583)
  • CSS class property issue (10678)
  • Datetime filter (10637)
  • Rule required for zero value number (10853)
  • Ajax filters availables in menu item (10559)
  • Date custom rule (10329)
  • JDom integrated option (10863)
  • Filter issue (10906)
  • Check out issue (10881)
  • Model not found (10843)

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