New Feature

JForms is now Forkable. Big Thanks to Tomaselli.
(Others XML still are not Forkable for the moment)


  • JDom : editor in full width (100%)
  • Deprecated : Model : addGroupBy replaced by addGroupOrder
  • FK Ajax Group in form fixed (missing dependencies : ckajax.php)


  • Redirection fixed (modal layout)
  • Menu item fixed (modal layout)
  • Creation Date in manifest
  • "undefined constant DS" fixed in Menu Item Modal
  • Save() problem fixed in classes/controller (using J!2.5 or under)


New Feature

Filter a list directly from a menu item

When you create a menu item to a list, you can choose to filter on a predefined value. (Modal picker)
For instance, you can filter on a category if category is a foreign key of your table.
This feature works for unlimited deep of foreign key.
Simply instance a filter on the concerned list. If you do not physicaly want this filter on the table, then delete it from your view and template file.

You can always filter directly by url.
ex: index.php?option=......&filter_category=4


  • Ajax context fixed for fk user (when using ajax and third tables)
  • ACL fix in sandbox
  • Colorpicker CSS fix. (JDom) (thanks to lander083077)
  • Database table with component prefix. (2.5 beta issue)
  • Builder fix : getData() on non object
  • Improvements in Modals pickers
  • Modal picker improved. (still to improve)
  • Tasks renamed (last Joomla fashion)
    Saves becomes Save & Close
    Apply becomes Save

V2.5 - What is new ?

Fork engine

You are now able the reinstall and keep your changes if you follow a good coding practice.


Include easily your component from a third-part script. The classes are only registered and not loaded in memory until used.

Cross compatibility layer

Write your code in the latest Joomla standards, your component does the rest to be able to run on all alive Joomla!TM versions.

Responsive (mobile phones and tablets)

Thanks to Bootstrap, you can now arrange the layouts behaviors and decide which fields can be displayed or not, depending of the screen size.

Faster than ever

Try it and then tell us about your user experience.

Compatible with Chrome

Much faster and recommended.

Bugs reports

Admin can see your fatals in the builder and sandbox and solve them even before you need to ask for support.

Optimized performances in JDom

Important fixes to improve memory and CPU usage, both in JDom library, and in your component.

Improved quality of the code

Joomla standards, good test coverage, respect of PHP Strict standards, documentable.


A simple home page for your component.

Download your dataset

If you have constructed valuable lists in the sandbox, you can now embed them in your component.

Proper publish filter

You can now trash or archive your items.

Grid groups

You can now use any kind of datatypes in the groups.

Filter groups improved

You can now accept more datatypes such as enumerations, colors, boolean... as a group of data. Whether it is a static or an AJAX group.

Preview and edit in popup

Beautiful feature, coupled with Ajax.

Chosen for long lists

With Chosen (UI lib), you can search a value in a list.

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