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Welcome to the community !

Here are the first steps to follow to enter in the sphere of Cook Self Service.
If you are already experienced in Joomla, maybe you can step over the basis of this documentation.

Thousands of projects has been done by users, even before coming this documentation. The tool is simple to handle and in a matter of few hours you can already fly on high pics. Some Joomla terms and concepts has been avoided in the builder in order to make it easier.

Cook does not implement all possibilities. You will always need to put your hands in.
Fortunately, we are respecting the standards of Joomla, so coding is still the same with Cook.

Special features introduced by Cook are gonna be explained in détails in the API chapter. (coming soon)

Requirements to start

We strongly recommend to have a case of study to start to learn Cook Self Service.

A free account registration.


Cook Self Service has introduced new concepts such as 'brick', 'brick field', 'propagation', 'PTL'... This glossary is explaining some terms commonly used on the forum.


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